Pet Odor Detection & Treatment

We Are the Pet Experts

One of the most difficult carpet cleaning challenges is detecting and treating pet odor. Lets face it, pets have “accidents” so it is important to correctly treat the issue.  We are the Pet Experts because we have the best system for detecting and treating only active odor areas.

Most carpet cleaning companies use a black-light detection method. However, this process is the most costly for customers because it detects both residual (non-active) spots and active odor spots (see definitions below).  Less than honest cleaners use this method to shock customers into treating all visual spots, increasing the total job cost, even though all of them do not need to be treated.

Our Odor Detection System

Our unique detection system ensures that we treat only active odor areas so that we can pass the savings back to our customers.

Photo of a water/urine extraction tool called a water claw.

Odor Treatment

We use the best urine/pet odor treatment available, killing the odor on contact.  The longer the treatment dwell time the better it penetrates and kills deep down odors.  Next, we extract the treatment thoroughly using a water claw (see photo above).  And lastly, we clean the area with our standard pre-spray cleaner followed by a hot-water rinse.  Your carpet will be left smelling fresh and clean.


Active odors results from the breakdown of pet urine.  Over time, untreated urine gives off an ammonia-like smell, which results from the natural chemical breakdown of the urine.

Residual spots show up under a black-light even though they have been previously treated.  All organic materials leave fluorescent tracers in the carpet that can only be permanently removed using an expensive chemical treatment.

*Note:  In large volume or extreme odor situations, repeat visits and treatments may be needed to completely
eradicate the odor.

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