Residential Carpet Cleaning

Our Three-Step Process

Our three-step residential carpet cleaning system has been tried and tested.  No other company in town can get your carpets cleaner.  Just ask our customers!  Our three-step cleaning system includes:

  • Pre-Treating the Carpet
  • Scrub Your Carpet
  • Hot-Water Extraction

What Sets Us Apart?

We clean carpets better than anyone else in the Spokane area, because we’ve added a crucial step to the cleaning process that no other carpet cleaner in town uses:  agitate all the carpet in your house with a counter-rotating brush machine.  Why do we do this?

This step:

  • Provides a deep down clean, pulling the dirty and debris from the carpet backing to the top for easier extraction.
  • Agitates the cleaning agent into the carpet.
  • Leaves your carpet as fluffy as it can be.

Our Customers’ Expectations

Our customers continue to call us time after time to clean their carpets because they know we will use every option at our disposal to do the job right.  As a result, we have served many of our customers for more than 25 years.

We clean carpet, upholstery, tile & grout, air ducts and more.