Air Duct Cleaning

Spokane Duct Cleaning Experts

Fiber Clean Spokane are Spokane’s air duct cleaning experts. When you call fiber clean to take care of your air ducts you can breathe easy knowing that our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction is unmatched in the Spokane area.

Air Duct Cleanliness

Who really thinks about air duct cleaning?  Dusty and dirty air ducts in your home can contribute to increased allergies and frequently recurring respiratory conditions.   Cleaning your air ducts is one way to reduce your symptoms and leave you breathing easier.

Our Duct Cleaning System

We carefully use a high-powered vacuum and rotating brush to simultaneously scrub the walls of your duct work and thoroughly vacuuming out the dust and debris.  We clean out each vent in your home to ensure a thorough air duct cleaning.  Because duct systems overlap, by using our system in each one, we clean them multiple times each, leaving your ducts like new again!

Our Result

You will notice a big difference in the decrease of dust accumulation in your home following our cleaning.  Breathe easier knowing that your air is as clean as it can be!

Spokane Fiber Clean Air Duct Cleaning - Before
Duct cleaning – Before
Spokane Fiber Clean's Air Duct Cleaning - After
Duct Cleaning – After

We clean carpet, upholstery, tile & grout, air ducts and more.